Brush and Trash Pick-up

Please contact Ringgold City Hall at 706.935.3061 at least one day before brush and junk collection to ensure you are added to the list for pick-up.

Brush is collected each Wednesday (excluding holidays) and is limited to:

  • Brush and tree trimmings only with nothing over four feet in length
  • Clean concrete pieces with NO wire or rebar attached or inside

Not accepted:

  • bagged yard trimmings or leaves, lumber or treated wood

Junk (bulk waste) is collected each Thursday (excluding holidays)
Junk pick-up is for residents only, no business, church or commercial pick-up

Accepted for junk pick-up:

  • Boxes, small appliances, water heaters, standard windows (no picture windows), old furniture, old clothing, metal, bagged leaves and yard trimmings, lumber and/or treated wood, residential construction debris (from residents only, no contractors), roofing materials and various other non-hazardous junk.

Not accepted:

  • Large appliances, appliances with Freon, tires, hazardous waste of any kind (i.e. non-empty paint cans, propane tanks, gas cans, tanks)